Top 5 Sexiest Adult Halloween Costumes

Use Halloween as an incentive to spice up your love life. Sexy costumes are a great way to exhibit your desires for each other. But what costumes are enticing in and out of the bedroom? These are considered the sexiest Halloween costumes of all times.1. Vampires
Between the movie “Twilight” and the show “True Blood” vampires are the hottest trend right now. People can’t get enough, so use the vampire theme and vamp it up. For the women, use black knee high boots, black stockings, fake blood and fangs. Think Rhianna in the video “Disturbia”. The female may go all out with the make-up for it enhances the overall vampire effect. For the men, dress in black; add fangs, fake blood and you are set. The men have the option of dressing traditional like Tom Cruise in “Interview with a Vampire” with colonial style clothing or go modern and stay in 2009 clothes but with added oomph. Wear something fitted and your woman will go crazy. You may never make it out of the house.2. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
Who doesn’t love a sexy version of Little Red Riding Hood? And what better costume is there for the male to be than a wolf? This is the perfect couple costume. This is definitely a paired costume that may be used behind or in front of closed doors. When you two are alone, you may use your imagination to make these costumes come to life.3. Devil and Angel
Decide who is going to play which role and sex it up. If the female is the angel then add white stockings, white platform shoes or stiletto heels, short white angel outfit and angel wings. If the man is going to be the angel then go shirtless. Wear white fitted pants, a pair of wings and that’s it you are ready to go. If your woman doesn’t like the pair of wings, then ditch them. Either way you can’t go wrong. In addition, if the man is the devil, then wear red from head to toe or mix it up with red and black. Also, don’t forget the horns. No matter who chooses to be the devil and who is an angel this couples costume is a hit. The contrast will look amazing, and it will definitely add to role playing in the bedroom.4. French Maid
A sexy French maid costume is a staple over time regarding costume ideas that may be brought into your love life. You can never go wrong with it, and it is one of those costumes you would be excited to wear all year long in the privacy of your own home with your man. He will be more than satisfied.5. Pocahontas and Indian Chief
This couple costume oozes sex appeal. The man will be barely dressed in Native-American grab and accessories. The man may wear as little or as much as desired. It is a costume set you two may make into your own. If you need to go out to a Halloween party, then put on a bit more clothing than you would if you wear this for the two of you to share alone.